Education Services

My Healthy Bites offers many types of nutrition services. Whatever your goal, My Healthy Bites can help you take the right bites to get there. Some of the services offered include:

These services are not covered by insurance, please call for pricing.

Healthy Cooking Classes

Would you like to have someone come cook you a healthy, tasty meal? I’ll show you how to get back to real cooking. It’s possible, even when you don’t have a lot of time. Cooking meals, rather than grabbing boxed or already prepared items is much healthier, and often tastier! If you are looking for healthy cooking tips to cut down on fat, salt, sugar, or other nutrients in your meals, or to increase nutrients such as antioxidants, calcium, vitamins and minerals, protein etc. – this is the class for you. I will come show you how to cook a healthier meal in your own kitchen. Recipe cards for the meal cooked will be provided.

During the class we will go through

  • How to plan for meals ahead of time
  • Selecting healthy recipes
  • Preparing the meals healthfully

Class ~ 90 – 120 minutes

Supermarket Nutrition Tours

Feeling confused at the grocery store? Need some assistance to read and understand food labels? This tour will take you through the supermarket and teach you how to select healthier food items (without breaking the bank), and understand how to read food labels. Gather a few friends for the tour!

Possible topics to explore on our tour

  • Reading food labels
  • Nutrition claims on the front of packages
  • Price vs. Quality of food
  • Eating more “green”
  • Organic foods
  • Eating Gluten Free
  • Eating healthy, tasty foods

Tour times by appointment Individual 30-45 minutes Groups (up to 4) 60-90 minutes

Group Nutrition Education/Corporate Wellness

Looking for a presentation for your group? This can be tailored to your specific needs.

Common Topics

  • Reading Food Labels
  • Detecting Sodium in Foods
  • Eating for Good Health
  • Quick, Easy, and Healthy Meals
  • Eating for more energy

Class: 30-60 minutes

Pantry Makeover

Ever wonder if what’s in your pantry is what you should be eating? Do you need to make over your cabinets? Order up a cabinet crash. I will come in and help you through the process. This is great for anyone who is trying to change their weight, dealing with food allergies or intolerances, or is trying to follow specific nutrition recommendations for a health issue; it can also be great way to get yourself on the right track to more healthful eating!