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Credible Nutrition Information from a Registered Dietitian/Nutrition Expert located in Plattsburgh, NY

If you are interested in better health, increased energy, changing your weight, increasing athletic performance, help with eating for a health condition, eating well for pregnancy or lactation, feeling better, and/or general wellness… you have found the right site. My Healthy Bites can help you each bite of the way to reach your goals.

My Healthy Bites offers a variety of nutrition services including

  • One on One Nutrition Counseling (Couples Counseling, and Family Counseling available)
  • Skype Counseling (via internet)
  • Healthy Cooking Classes
  • Supermarket Nutrition Tours
  • The Cabinet Crash
  • Nutrition Classes for Groups/Organizations

Nutrition can be a tricky topic, because each site you click may tell you something different! Unfortunately, there can be A LOT of false information on the web. When you are looking for nutrition advice, you should seek a registered dietitian – these individuals are highly educated and trained in the field of nutrition, and are considered “nutrition experts” by the medical field. A nutritionist, however, is a term that anyone can use, even people that have little or no training in nutrition.

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Tracey Soulia is a registered dietitian and would enjoy helping you reach your personal goals. She is passionate about good health and eating well, and living life to its fullest. She will help you eat food you enjoy, and still meet your nutrition goals.

I’ll show you how to get back to real cooking.

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My Healthy Bites offers many types of nutrition services. Whatever your goal, My Healthy Bites can help you take the right bites to get there.

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